Borman Productions | Rick Borman shares the stage with Dr. Charles Krauthammer, #1 New York Times Bestseller and political pundit
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Rick Borman shares the stage with Dr. Charles Krauthammer, #1 New York Times Bestseller and political pundit

Rick had the great good fortune recently to share the stage with #1 NYT Bestseller and gifted political pundit, Dr Charles Krauthammer. It was a night to remember for the 600 in attendance as Charles tickled them with his inimitable wit, masterful elocution and trademark eloquence.

Charles started the evening with a warning. As a keen observer of the political machinations of the American republic and a Harvard educated psychiatrist, he has been the cause of many induced depressions as a result of his lectures. He joked that he also has a telephone and a pen, and that he has had to write more than one prescription for an antidepressant to an otherwise healthy participant after listening to his predictions and prognostications for our fair country.

The good news for us was he that had good news. Dr Krauthammer believes that there are compelling signs that the political winds are about to blow heavily back in favor of conservatives. This, he explained, is based on historical and empirical evidence. He skillfully and most convincingly proceeded to lay out his case.

With the cadence of a symphonic master and the vocabulary and artistry of a Shakespearian poet, he held us spellbound for a full hour. Always charming, and even whimsical at times, we were treated to a side of Charles that few experience.
All of this was to benefit Ave Maria School of Law and their scholarship fund.

Rick was up next following dinner. With questions culled from the audience on note cards, one by one Charles fielded a wide variety of questions. He, no surprise to us by now, handled each question with respect and thoughtfulness. While the questions often hit on the burning political and legal questions of our time, he enjoyed answering one or two questions about his love of baseball and his friendship with Bret Baier.

All in all, a most memorable evening. Thank you, Charles.