Borman Productions | Rick Borman talks politics with the unsinkable Senator Ted Cruz, 2016 Presidential Candidate.
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Rick Borman talks politics with the unsinkable Senator Ted Cruz, 2016 Presidential Candidate.

The Unsinkable Ted Cruz

Every once in a generation a figure appears that arouses the sleeping masses. Awakening them from a slumber, not born of boredom, but foisted upon them by the deliberate and incessant drone of incremental oppression of their freedoms. This is the drip drip drip of governmental overreach and an ideological mantra so contrary to their core beliefs that they eventually simply fall asleep.
Enter Senator Ted Cruz, a brilliant and gifted solicitor turned politician. His passion for liberty and untaintable mission to protect the Constitution has made him a target for both Democrats and the grey beards of the GOP. Make no mistake; the good Senator means to rock the boat.

The very day he mounted the national stage after assuming his new role as the honorable Senator from Texas, he summoned to the fore a patriotic undercurrent that was lurking just below that surface. He will tell you that the issues and political realities that we face today are eerily similar to what Ronald Reagan faced in 1980. Melancholy had gripped the nation and predictions that the United States’ glory days were over were reported daily with an unsettling glee by the national media. The remedy prescribed by Jimmy Carter and his ilk: more government.

I call upon one iconic failure that sums up how government regulation stifled the American spirit of ingenuity in the 1970’s, the Ford Pinto. It was the dark ages of the American automobile industry and the Pinto will forever remain a symbol of that horrible era. Vilification of abundant domestic energy, gasoline prices soaring, mandated alterative energy pipe dreams, and a dangerously weak foreign policy.

Yet, here we are again. History repeating itself, once again.

There will never be another Ronald Reagan. However, perhaps the time is ripe and the moment right for another fearless true conservative to lead our nation out of the darkness. That darkness takes on many forms. Class envy, race baiting, marginalization of our national pride, government run health care, a politicized Justice Department, and regulations run wild.

Perhaps it is time for a brave and remarkable man in black ostrich boots to shape the national debate and lead us back to our former greatness.

Keep an eye on this guy.