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Glenn Beck

Live Stage Events
Glenn Beck, Live Stage Events, Rick Borman Productions
About This Project

Glenn Beck – Borman Productions presented an evening with Glenn Beck in early 2012. This coincided with his recent departure form Fox and marked his formation of his own Internet and Cable Channel, The Blaze. Glenn and Rick enjoyed working together which opened the door to other mutual opportunities.  Rick produced a three day speaker series for Glenn in Dallas for Glenn’s Restoring Love event that attracted 70,000 people. He also hosted live events surrounding the premiere of Runaway Slave, CL Bryant’s cutting edge documentary about the new civil rights movement in the United States.  In 2013, Glenn once again tapped Rick to assist with his large scale live events. This time it was surrounding the Salt Lake City event, Man in The Moon. Rick planned, marketed and executed Walk For Hope on July 4th. Over 10,000 people participated in that event that raised awareness for Huntsman Cancer Foundation.